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HD2950PRO works at 750MHz

by on12 October 2007


Eight MHz faster than R600

The $199 RV670 PRO with its 55 nanometre process will end up clocked at 750MHz. This is whole 8 MHz faster than the previous R600 core. The new card will have 320 Stream processors and the number remain the same for the old R600 and for RV670XT and PRO.

The card will score 480GigaFlops which is again only 6 GigaFlops faster than the R600. ATI will have these cards available in middle November and it looks that Nvidia is on the schedule to launch in late October and to have the cards in retail at the first launch day.

Both R600 and RV670 XT and PRO have two Flops per unit. For all of you that didn’t know this already FLOPS stands for FLoating point Operations Per Second and this number is very important in both graphics and especially in GPGPU business.

Last modified on 12 October 2007
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