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Possible 8800 GS from Nvidia

by on12 October 2007

Yet another 8800-series card emerges

The latest on the rumour mill is that of a GeForce 8800 GS card and this could very possibly be the real deal. This would be similar to the 8800 GTS 320MB in as much as it would only have 96 stream processors.

Of course it would still be limited by its 256-bit memory interface and it would have lower clock speeds than the 8800 GT and it will only be available in a 256MB version.

There seem to be some general confusion about Nvidia's futre road map and until the company announces any of these products, we can only say for certain that the 8800 GT is for real.

Expreview is also talking of another new SKU of the 8800 GTS, but this seems more unlikely since they're talking G92 with 128 stream processors and 512MB of 256-bit memory, we doubt this product is real.

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