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Where is Nvidia's 65nm $99 chip?

by on10 October 2007


Missing in action

Nvidia is about to unleash its $199/249 D8,aka G92, and it will introduce the G98 aka. D8M in the entry level market but we noticed one big gap in its product roadmap.

Nvidia doesn't have a $99 solution done in 65 nanometre it this might indicate that something went wrong with such a product.

Nvidia has $199 part and $55 part but there is not anything to fit the so called sweet spot. ATI already has 65nanometre in production for a few months now and a 55 nanometre part is on the way. We will try to find out what went wrong here but it doesn't look good for Nvidia.   

Last modified on 10 October 2007
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