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Nvidia claims 75 percent of discrete

by on09 October 2007


Nvision: ATI doesn’t have much

Nvidia stood up in front of its many partner in lovely Amsterdam and told them that the company has 75 percent of the discrete market and that it wants to grow even more.

It really looks good for Nvidia but the only way Nvidia can keep growing is if ATI fails with every chip they have in pocket and we’ve already seen ATI coming back with super aggressive prices of 2600 and 2400 cards that helped the company to gain some market back.

In Q4 ATI will probably gain even more market share back so Nvidia definitely cannot even stay at 75 percent and it doesn’t stand much chance to go over that number. They heavily lost to cheaper ATI to entry level and mainstream already but this is not something that Nvidia wants to tell at Nvision conference.

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