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Nvidia can't keep up with demand

by on05 October 2007


Too many orders

Nvidia could not keep up with the quantity of orders that they've had in the last two quarters. AMD has failed to offer a high end killer card and as such Nvidia had more orders that they expected.

This lead to a chip shortage and this upset a lot of Nvidia partners. Upset is a light understatement as the Nvidia only partners are furious as Jeff the Fish, the boss of the sales team and Fiona, the boss of the European sales department couldn't fill many of their orders.

This is actually a good thing for Nvidia's stock, as Nvidia claims that it has never sold more chips, but it's still not good in the long term. as the company has managed to upset most of its supporters.

It will be interesting to see who will win, RV670 or G92/D8P and this will be an interesting indication of what might happen in the future.

Last modified on 05 October 2007
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