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More stream processors for the 8800GTS

by on04 October 2007


To distance it from the 8800 GT


VR-Zone is reporting that Nvidia is planning to add more stream processors to its 8800 GTS in order to widen the performance gap between it and the upcoming 8800 GT.

Apparently, the company plans to increase the number of stream processors on the 8800 GTS from the current 96 to 112. All other specs remain unchanged, core clock is 500MHz, memory clock is 800MHz and the bus is still 320-bit.

If true, this might also be an early indication of just how well the 8800 GT is going to perform, unless Nvidia is actually doing this to keep up with ATI's RV670.

According to the site, Nvidia won't make much noise about the new SKU, and no formal announcement or marketing is expected. It is also claimed that the new 8800 GT has a lot of overclocking potential and that it scores close to 11k in 3DMark06.

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