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HD2950 hits

by on02 October 2007


In Stock, at $301


Rousseau is not exactly a well known name in the IT industry, but it looks like it has jumped the gun with its HD2950 products which are already listed on

The price is a bit higher than expected, and at $301 it looks like Rousseau is really looking to cash in on enthusiasts.

We were stunned to see the HD2950 in stock and available today, especially since we've never heard of Rousseau before and this just raised our suspicions even further.

The design is a bit strange too, we couldn't even see a PCB, nor any ATI colors and logos for that matter. Just high quality aluminum alloys, with many details painted black and sporting a powder coated finish. We're sure you'll agree that it looks awesome.

You check out the some pictures and specs on Amazon, here.

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