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RV670 is HD 2950 series

by on02 October 2007


An improved R600 design

There will be a lot of names and prefixes included, but the cards based on RV670 have very good chance to bare the Radeon HD 2950 name. This has been confirmed for a few sources.

ATI has changed its roadmaps and names before so I would not be surprised if they change it at the very end but this is what they showing some people around.

November will be the month of introduction for Radeon HD 2950XT as the high end part, Radeon HD 2950PRO as a slightly slower card and the last one is the Radeon HD 2950GT. Early next year there will be a dual card based on two of RV670 chips that we've mentioned a few times before.

We hope that RV670 aka Radeon HD 2950 can live to its name as we have had to high expectations about some other ATI parts before. ATI failed to impress us with the R600 and the rest of Radeon HD2x00 series, since they lost to Nvidia but maybe this time ATI's luck can change.

The name itself implies that the new card will beat Radeon HD 2900 generation and this is something to be seen.

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