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Crysis runs better on Windows XP

by on02 October 2007


The real Vista DX 10 game


Crysis runs much better on Windows XP than on Vista and this is a real shocker for us. At the development stage you will get severely worse performance from a Vista based machine than from Windows XP.

This affects both Radeon HD 2900 and Geforce 8800 owners and there is only a hope that Crytek can fix this until the launch. The screenshots that we posted yesterday are done at 1366x768 on a super overclocked 3.4+ GHz machine with 2+GB memory and a heavily overclocked Radeon HD 2900XT. Even with such a machine, you still get 20 to 40FPS. 

You can expect a slightly better FPS values from the XP machine since this demo is optimized for XP, but it does run on Vista. Remember Crysis is suppose to be DirectX 10 breaktrough game and it should run on DirectX 10 and Vista much better.

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