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Intel promises console level gaming on IGP in 2009

by on25 September 2007


Claims G33/G35 are high def gaming platforms

Intel Executive VP and general manager of Mobile group, a nice chap called David Perlmutter aka Dadi, claimed in his keynote that already in 2008, with the 65 nanometre chipset part, Intel's integrated graphics should get some high end 3D features and native HD and Blu-ray support. It will be very interesting to see how the next generation chipset will play games like Crysis, but until then we will let Intel dream about it.

It looks like that in 2009 Intel will be ready with console like features and real time ripping, playing and burning of HD video content.

When we looked at the slide picture that we took from a distance, we saw that Intel claims its current chipset graphics, with G33 and G35 available in 2007, are powerful enough for high definition game capability.

Fudzilla tried to play some games with G33 and you can play 3+ years old games but you can forget about playing any new games such as Word in Conflict. If Intel doesn't change its IGP from ground up, there won't be any serious gaming capability from Intel's chipset even in 2009 and 2010.

Is it just me or Intel really went a bit too far this time. Well if 802.11n can provide 300Mbit/ I guess that G33/ G35 are a high definition gaming platform.

Probably in a place where Alice is about the size of a graphics card and the motherboard is called wonderland.


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