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PoV back to nursery school bundle

by on24 September 2007


Get them while they're young

Point of View offers a wide range of bundles with its graphics cards and the latest one includes Ratatouille: The Video Game with your 8 series Geforce.

Some of you may question the ethics of peddling graphics cards to young toon loving kids, but what the heck, we were kids once too, and we didn't mind getting expensive toys. Our parents did mind paying for them, but thats beside the point right now.


Well it's still better than getting them a bundle with game full of brutal, mindless violence which might eventually turn them into a gun wielding Lone Nut with a grudge, at least if Jack Thompson is to be believed. After playing Ratatouille they probably won't pursue a career in the pest control industry either.

Anyway, this is probably one of the cutest graphics card boxes and bundles we've seen thus far. We wonder if POV is after back to kindergarten customers as they would be scared of a dragon on the box and they would want a lovable rat.

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