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HIS releases HD 2600Pro Turbo X GDDR3 PCI-e card

by on20 September 2007


Claims it is the fastest 2600Pro overclock


Hong Kong based HIS has released its new HD 2600Pro Turbo X GDDR3 PCI-e card.

The company claims that it is one of the fastest 2600Pro overclock gear in the market and can produce HD visual effects and enough speed at the same time.

According to a press release, the HIS Radeon HD 2600Pro IceQ Turbo X allows customers to squeeze more from factory pre-overclocked settings via BIOS.

This gets you up to 700Mhz core speed and 1400MHz memory speed, which is even faster than the traditional GDDR3 settings.

Using IceQ cooling technology, the set up allows you to keep everything cool enough without killing any of the performance, the makers claim.

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Last modified on 20 September 2007
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