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Radeon HD 2900 Pro retail prices surface

by on16 September 2007


Sapphire and GeCube in Europe



Retailers in Europe have listed the Radeon HD 2900 Pro card. They still don't have it in stock and it is just Sapphire and GeCube, but it gives us a general idea about the European price of DAAMIT's new R600Pro.

Retailers have listed just one card from GeCube, the GeCube Radeon HD 2900 Pro, 512MB GDDR3, 2x DVI, ViVo, PCIe (GC-HD2900PRO-VIE3). The card comes with reference clocks of 600MHz for the GPU and 800MHz for the memory.

As we mentioned, the retailers still don't have it in stock, but the lowest price listed is 225.79 of those lovely European Euros. Sapphire has two cards listed, the first one with 512MB GDDR3, also with reference clocks and the lowest price of €214. The other card is the 1024MB version with same clocks and the lowest price of €279.

These prices have put the new Radeon HD 2900 Pro somewhere between the Nvidia's 8600 GTS with 512MB, which costs around €180, and the Nvidia 8800GTS with 320MB, which is priced at around €250. As we've mentioned, the lowest price of the Radeon HD 2900 Pro with 1GB of memory is €279, which is still less than the €300 for the 8800 GTS with 640MB.

The card will definitely end up faster than the 8600GTS since it has a superior 512-bit memory interface. It remains to be seen if the new card will be better than the 8800GTS when you take the price/value ratio into consideration. A very interesting card at an interesting price, this might very well be DAAMIT's ace, pulled out of its sleeve just in time.

Last modified on 17 September 2007
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