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Nvidia to go Displayport in the next gen

by on11 September 2007


Demonstration soon?

We heard that Nvidia will be going Disply port by the end of the year and all the new chips will have the support for this new connector. The next generation nvidai chips that includes G92 and G98 are PCIe 2.0 parts with DirectX 10.1 support and Display Port.

It is still unknown when we will see the first displays with Display Port but we expect to see them soonish. Samsung, LG, Benq and some other key players are still quiet on this but we've see some HDMI enabled displays floating around.

Intel will also support Display port in its next generation IGP scheduled for Q2 2008. Nvidia migh even demonstarte the Display Port from its cards at IDF but this is a pure speculation at this time.

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