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G92 is the high end solution

by on10 September 2007


G98 is for the entry level


There has been a lot of talk about G92 and many sites reported that this chip is a mainstream part. Our well informed sources have confirmed our previous allegation that G92 is a high end.

It should be a faster clocked revised version of the G80 core at 65 nanometre and it should launch in mid November.
 The G98 is also the real codename and that is the 65 nanometre version of the G86 the 80 nanometre entry level chip. 65 nanometre will help Nvidia to make its production cheaper and the chips cooler. 

There will be one more G9x chips on 65 nanometre and we believe that G96 is the name. Time will tell.

Last modified on 10 September 2007
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