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Hector favors ex Motorola people

by on04 September 2007


ATI people don’t have much chance 

Dave Orton left and Rich Hegberg left as they were not happy with how AMD treated ATI. Some sources inside said that ATI is still considered as a step kid of AMD and that AMD bosses are not treating ATI as nicely as they should.

Some sources said that Hector Ruiz, ex Motorola man himself, prefers ex Motorola people over ex ATI. If you used to work for Motorola you are likely to get a promotion easier than as ex ATI people, and that is what Orton and Hegberg didn’t want to be part of it.

The scariest thought now is what happens if one or both of these people go to run Intel’s discrete graphic unit also known as project Larrabee. That simply gives us the creeps and Hector might be directly responsible for it. Well done.

Last modified on 04 September 2007
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