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MSI launches HD 2600 PRO for AGP

by on31 August 2007


First to market

MSI has jumped the gun and announced the launch of its AGP 2600 PRO card, called MSI RX 2600PRO-T2D256Z/D2.

This is the first press release that states the launch of an HD2600 graphics card for AGP. The MSI RX2600PRO comes with 256MB of GDDR2 with a 128bit memory interface that works on a 800MHz clock. This card is based on a HD 2600 PRO GPU clocked at 600MHz. Since that GPU is not that hot, MSI decided to go with "MSI Heatpipe", passive cooling solution.

As the entire HD 2600 series this card also comes with a ATI Avivo HD technology, and UVD for those that like to watch HD DVD and Blu-Ray videos. The backplate is fitted with two Dual-Link DVI-I and HDTV-out connector. It's not yet clear if MSI bundles the DVI-HDMI adapter with this card, but we certainly hope so.

We won't have to wait much longer for this card to hit retail/etail. This definitely good news for those still working on an AGP motherboard.


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