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More Radeon HD 2950 Pro details leaked

by on23 August 2007

Might be out in time for Xmas

VR-Zone has got its mitts on some additional Radeon HD 2950 Pro or RV670 information and they're claiming that there will be two different  card versions, the Gladiator and the Revival. The difference between the two models are of course clock speeds.

The Gladiator will be the faster of the two with the GPU clocked at 825MHz and the memory at 1.2GHz. The Revival on the otherh and will be clocked at 750MHz for the core and only 900MHz for the memory.

The reason for the Revival being that much slower is because it's using GDDR3 memory instead of GDDR4, which the Gladiator board will be using. Both boards should feature 512MB of graphics memory.

Interestingly the VR-Zone is claiming that production should start in December and that some cards might hit retail before the end of the year, with mass production taking off in early '08.

You can read the full story here
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