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Call of Duty 4 looks great

by on17 August 2007


In game trailer

We had a chance to look at the trailer of the upcoming Call of Duty 4 and we can say that it really looks great. Call of Duty 4 modern warfare is nothing like previous Call of Duty World War 2 story but it looks good.

The grass and trees looks really realistic and you have to love that sniper. Shadows are great, people are realistic.

It will be one of the upcoming eye candy games that are expected before this Xmas. Crysis and World in Conflict are some of the great looking one but to be honest we didn’t expect that Call of Duty 4 will look so good.

It is questionable do we actually need another Battlefield 2142 and even Quake Wars will be a similar game play so it will be hard to make the mind.

The trailer is here.



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