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AIBs knew that the 2600 had UVD problems

by on02 August 2007



First to market is what counts



Back at Computex we learned that the first customers who wanted 2600 and 2400 cards wanted to buy the cards with UVD problems, as most of the markets that got these cards didn’t care about this feature. We mentioned it here.

We are talking about eastern countries where UVD was not a very important buying argument. Most of AMD's customers willingly bought these chips and sold thousands of these cards to end users, but mainly in system integrator machines.

Most of these 2600 and 2400 cards with broken UVD never made it to the European or US market, so most of you don’t have anything to worry about. According to our sources, most of these cards ended up in Russia and other east European countries and possibly in some Asian countries.



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