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AMD Demos graphics card with DisplayPort 1.1

by on02 August 2007

Gets a pat on the back by VESA

AMD demoed the first graphics card and GPU with native DisplayPort 1.1 support yesterday and this is what we can expect to find on graphics cards from next year.

There's no cause for concern though, as DisplayPort 1.1 is meant to be backwards compatible with D-sub, DVI and HDMI.

The advantages of the DisplayPort interface is that it features a connector the size of HDMI, but it has a pair of clips that will lock it in place once inserted, so it won't drop out of the connector.

Due to its smaller size, DisplayPort is also great for notebooks, as it's easier to fit to ultra portables and it will work with the LCD display as well as an internal connector.

AMD claims that the new GPU with native support for DisplayPort 1.1 will be ready in early 2008, so there's no need to rush out and buy new gear quite as yet.

You can read the press release here

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