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Club 3D passively cools Nvidia and ATI

by on17 July 2007


We dont need a fan

Club 3D is getting ready to announce two ATI and two Nvidia passively cooled cards. Club 3D wants to use it for multimedia and probably office users that wants to have some graphics, but don’t like a noisy fan.

The Nvidia cards are already available and the first one is called 8500 GT passive and it works at 400 MHz core and 700 MHz memory. We don’t need to tell you that it is passively cooled.

The second one from Nvidia is a 8600GT passive heatpipe card with a bit more advanced core and cooling. This one works at 540 MHz core and 2,000 MHz memory and will let you play some of the games.

Club 3D also plans to announce two ATI cards, one based on the HD 2600 PRO core and it's also passively cooled and is clocked at 600 MHz core and 1,600 MHz DDR2 memory. This card should be available next week. Last but not least we have the HD 2400 PRO passive heatpipe, clocked at 525 MHz and 800 MHz memory, but this time ATI decided to only use 64 bit memory. This one will also be available next week and it should not be expensive.  

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