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HIS has six HD 2600 series cards

by on02 July 2007

Four 2600XT and two 2600PRO

Unlike the single card from the HD 2400 series, HIS has a wide selection in its HD 2600 series. HIS did a total of six cards in its Radeon HD 2600 series. Four of them with Radeon HD 2600XT GPU, and two with 2600PRO GPU.

As mentioned HIS has four cards with Radeon HD 2600XT GPU. First in line is a HD 2600XT 256MB GDDR4 card that comes with a reference cooler. The  GPU works at 800MHz and comes with 256MB 128bit GDDR4 that works at 2200MHz. The next one is an interesting one as it uses Zalman Fan to cool down the GPU, and the full name of this card is HIS HD 2600XT Zalman Fan 512MB/256MB GDDR3. As you can see from the name of the card, it comes with 512 or 256MB 128-bit GDDR3 that works at 1400MHz, and the GPU is at reference 800MHz.


Of course HIS didn't forget its high praised IceQ Turbo Edition HIS HD 2600XT IceQ Turbo 512MB/256MB GDDR3. It is cooled by a Artic Cooling look a like cooler that is well known in HIS's IceQ edition cards. Clocks of this card are not listed, and we will try to find them out soon enough.

The last one is not yet confirmed, and hasn't been announced in HIS's official HD 2600 launch press release, but it is listed on its web page. Only difference is that it should be cooled by some kind of fan, of course not Zalman or IceQ, something less exotic. 


HIS listed two of the cards based on 2600PRO GPU. First one is the plain HD 2600 PRO cooled by a fan, you can see it on a picture below, and that is probably the same fan that will be used on 2600XT that yet has to be confirmed.

This card is clocked at 600MHz for the GPU and 1000MHz for 512 or 256MB of 128bit DDR2. The second one is a IceQ Turbo Edition and unlike the 2600XT Turbo, it has listed clocks. The 65nm HD 2600Pro GPU of this card works at 650MHz, thats 50 MHz over the reference one, and 1050MHz for 512 or 256MB of 128bit DDR2.


Looks like HIS has a lot of confidence in Radeon HD 2600 cards, and we are sure that its IceQ Turbo Edition cards will be very good and also very "wanted".



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