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Nvidia wins this year, 2007

by on28 June 2007


Flags down for DAAMIT

It is only middle of this year but Nvidia can claim absolute victory over ATI. It is currently beating ATI in availability of wide range of DirectX 10 products including mainstream and low end and as a absolute performance leader.

G80 aka Geforce 8800 GTX and Ultra are faster than Radeon HD 2900XT and the 8600 GTS/GT wins over HD 2600 and 8500 GT and 8400GS are faster than HD 2400 variations.

To make the situation even better for Nvidia, ATI doesn’t have any miraculous R600 chip shrinked to 65 or 55 nanometre and it wont be launching any big chips this year.

ATI continues 2007 while Nvidia plans to introduce G8M new 65 nanometre chip in Septemberish time and probably even G92 or however it ends up calling its 65 nanometre high end part.

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