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AMD doing GPUs in its fabs part two

by on12 June 2007


GPUs goes 55 nanometre

AMD is going to struggle to go to 45 nanometre for its CPU’s by the end of 2008 and it doesn’t even consider going for 55 nanometre optical shrink. The 55 nanometre is a GPU thing and AMD wont mess with it, at least not in Dresden Fab and its CPUs. We already wrote a lot about it here.

AMD will do its 55 nanometre parts at TSMC and maybe at UMC but it has to design the chip for each of these fabrics separately. It can not just take the design from one fab to another as it would not work.

At this time AMD needs all its capacities for CPUs but we can see that at some point in future it will start marking the GPUs in its Fab. Our eye is at a potential New York Fab scheduled to start in 2009 but it is not entirely certain if AMD will do it. At this point AMD doesn’t have the money and it is highly unlikely that the company will do it. 

With the current financial structure, AMD can just dream about a new FAB.

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