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MSI 8800 Ultra works at 660 MHz

by on22 May 2007


Over the top and 2300 MHz memory

MSI surprised everyone with its 660 MHz clocked Geforce 8800 Ultra anouncement. The fastest card that we are aware or will work at 655 MHz and it comes from Evga.

I guess that MSI will be able to claim the fastest card by 5 MHz and the samples of this card will be available as soon as next week. MSI decided to send the samples a bit later but at least this time they have a very interesting product clocked at massive 660 MHz core and 2300 MHz memory.

The big question remains, what kind of bios does MSI use as Nvidia's default one cannot cope with the speeds faster than 645 MHz and we wonder if MSI engineers managed to get some fast one.

The official name is NX8800Ultra-T2D768E-HD-OC and you can learn more about the card here.

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