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Holland etailers expect sub ?350 HD 2900 XT

by on18 May 2007


In stock soon

A few Dutch readers informed us that you can get Radeon HD 2900XT for less than 350€ including the shipping cost. The card itself can be purchased for about €337 but a few shops we checked didn't have them in stock today.

This indicates that Radeon HD 2900XT will get down in price rather soon and the UK readers informed us that you can get the cards in the UK for about £240 including VAT.

The prices, as we expected are going down as Nvidia is already selling its 8800 GTS 640 MB cards for about  €330 if not even less.

Just look at this picture it made us laugh but you can pre order Sapphire HD 2900XT card here or a few more alternatives here.



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