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ATI attacks Matrox multi display market

by on14 May 2007


FireMV 2400 is PCIe 1X card

ATI will launch a RV610 based product meant for a financial and corporate marketplace. This is sort of a new generation of products, the successor of FireGL brand that ATI manage to destroy over the years.

Matrox has a similar product and it is happily selling it for a while and ATI now wants the piece of this high margin pie.

The card has 256 MB of memory and two VHDCI connectors capable of up to 1600x1200 resolution with DVI monitors or 2048x1536 with an analogue ones.

It is great that UK based Scan computer thinks that this chip has "Chipset Features: nVidia Unified Driver Architecture
" which we are certain is not true. This card will be selling for crazy £327.83 Inc VAT and this is way too much for a PCIe card that can support two displays. You can probably buy a entry level card and get the same dual display effect for some £40 so think twice before you buy this.

You can buy it here.


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