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MSI announces 945GC board with FSB1333

by on03 August 2007


FSB 1333 for under €50


MSI annouced an interesting 945GC based motherboard this morning, which supports FSB1333, well above the official FSB800 support of the 945GC chipset.

This means that you'll be able to use the latest FSB1333 Intel CPU's on an affordable motherboard, or use some of the older models and easily upgrade to FSB1333. System builders will probably love them, since they'll let them put together a very cheap FSB1333 machine.

This sub-€50 board supports dual channel DDR2 667MHz, has one x16 PCIe slot, a x1 PCI slot, 7.1-channel sound and Gigabit Ethernet. No surprises there, but the memory is a bit on the slow side by today's standards.

Well, you can't get everything out of a 945GC board, but you can get FSB1333 support for the latest Intel CPU's at a dirt cheap price, and that should do the trick.

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