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Geforce 8800 Ultra on the 2nd

by on30 April 2007


At 612 MHz core and 2160 MHz memory

NDAs concerning Nvidia's Geforce 8800 Ultra will expire on the 2nd of May. The final speeds of the card will end up at 612 MHz for the core and 2160 MHz for the memory. The original plan was to have the chip running at 650 MHz, but I guess Nvidia didn't push the limits as far as expected.

The Shaders on these cards will run at 1.5 GHz, which will make it faster than the R600 Shader units. The card should end up with a $900 price tag, which is a lot for any graphics card.

This product simply doesn't make any sense, as it will be marginally faster than the Geforce 8800 GTX parts and it will cost twice as much.

VR Zone and the INQ have some pictures and details. Check them out here.


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