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Sunix makes the USB graphics card

by on25 April 2007


SUNIX VGA2625 family

SUNIX VGA2625 family is a USB to DVI graphics adapter which enables users to add multiple monitors to a PC with minimal cost. This graphics thing is using USB 2.0. Based on the NIVO 160 chipset family, this adapter is capable of 1600x1200 resolutions at 24-bit color depth. The good thing is that you can add as many of these adaptors as you want. You are only limited to the number of USB ports.

The VGA 2626 utilizes DisplayLinks Virtual Graphics software which has two functions. The first one is to compress and send the video data through the USB 2.0 bus, while the second remembers each adapters screen configuration settings. The software can easily expand your desktop to the adapters (or clone it), and if the user desires, this device can easily be used as a primary graphic device.

The adapter comes in three flavors. Based on the DL-120 chip is the VGA2615 USB to VGA adapter which is capable of 1400x1050 resolution with 24 bit color depth. The other two models are based on the DL-160 chip, which enables them to manipulate with higher resolution – 1680x1050. The only difference is that the VGA2625 is USB to DVI while the VGA2615P is USB to VGA. Each of these devices takes full advantage of USB 2.0 – hot swap and power over USB (no additional power cord needed) are just the beginning.

The most amazing feature is that you are not limited to cables. The technology allows users to receive data over Wi-Fi and wireless USB, and if a user desires, data can be sent over any type of network (LAN, Internet).

We hope to see a lot of these at Computex.


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