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Geforce 8800 Ultra to cost $900

by on18 April 2007


End of May


Sources who live from these cards confirmed that Geforce 8800 Ultra will arrive in late May with a suggested retail price of $900.

They agreed with us that this is an insane price, but what can you do. Mr Fish and his sales team sets the price and they want your money. The card is an overclocked G80 core with some faster memory. We suspect GDDR4, but we could not confirm this at press time.

If this price turns out to be real, I predict that Nvidia will not sell a lot of them. We think that this is the point of the cards, as Nvidia won't have great yields at these super fast speeds. It might be the fastest card around but, ATI still hold its breath with the R600XTX. ATI's fastest XTX flavour won't arrive untill June, if not even later.

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Geforce 8800 Ultra in late May

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