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R600 external is Lasso

by on12 April 2007


Catch the R600 stud

We have already mentioned that R600 will get its external version. The external R600 card is meant for multi Crossfire, the marchitecture that involves more than just two cards rendering your game.

Some of these cards can be internal while some of them can be external. We know you can connect more than two cards, we heard that odd number of five is also possible, some of them internal some external, all R600.

We learned that external R600 codenamed Lasso connects via an external PCIe port. The connection itself is done via big cable that connects Lasso system with a PC, all via PCIe port.

We still lack a lot of details about it, but we know it's real and up and running. There have been some of these cards at Cebit but only for super VIP people.  

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