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Chinese site confirms G84 AGP

by on06 April 2007


All the specs and benchmarks

You can not stop to leaks. Our Chinese colleagues got its hands on the real sample of 8600 GT card also known as G84-300 and they run all kind of tests. The site confirmed all the specs and clocks of the 8600 GTS and GT we wrote before. Still the most interesting part is that despite controversy G84 still works in AGP at least it should.

Both Geforce 8600 GTS and GT can be turned in AGP and this makes perfectly sense as all ATI's cards will work in AGP at least entry and mainstream DirectX 10 cards.

We were shocked to learn that 8600 GT loses in most of the tests against 7900 GS card but we are sure that 8600 GTS will save the day due to its superior clocks. 8600 GT is not much faster than 7600 GT card as well and that was the shocker. Well it is all on the site so please by my guest and read it.

You can read all the details here.

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