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8800 Ultra or new GTX 88x0 to arrive

by on09 April 2007


Very soon, like next week?

A lot of sources told us to expect the new 8850 GTX or 8000 Ultra card on the 17th. We still have to ask a few heads but it looks like Nvidia will have a whole range of cards out, from mainstream to high end.

The new Ultra or GTX, whatever they call it at the end, will be an overclocked version of the GTX working at 600+ MHz and with faster memory. We still don't know that is the big deal about this card as Nvidia already has 600+ MHz cards out from the overclocking guys such as XFX and EVGA or BFG but the new Ultra should beat all the new ones.

We will keep our eyes opened for the new faster card this week.


Last modified on 09 April 2007
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