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Catalyst Control Center for Linux

by on29 March 2007


Catalyst 7.3 is now available


Waiting for DirectX 10 hardware from ATI is like waiting for a rain in the Sahara, but luckily the other parts of the team managed to finish a new driver for Vista, Linux and XP, all for DirectX 9 graphics cards.

DAAMIT is working hard on the driver known as 8.361 for its promised R600 graphic card. The R600 driver must be optimised to best possible level to drive the horsepower of new ATI DirectX 10 hardware with unified architecture.

Today’s new driver improves Crossfire performance in both Windows XP and Windows Vista. Dark Messiah Might and Magic performance improves for 12.5 percent or greater on all ATI Radeon X1000 series configurations in both Windows XP and Windows Vista. High end products should have the largest gains in performance, up to 60%, ATI says. 

OpenGL under Vista got much improved, and you can expect a significant performance gains under Crossfire too.  

With the new Linux Catalyst 7.3 (8.35.5), for all Linux lovers ATI is introducing the Beta version of Catalyst Control Center. FireGL Control panel is outdated.  


You can grab both drivers and more informations from the DAAMIT site here


Last modified on 29 March 2007
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