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Matrox Graphics eXpansion Modules

by on15 March 2007

CEBIT 2007:
For very rich gamers


At last, Matrox has introduced the DVI version of their TripleHead2Go. We must confess, when standing in front of three 20 inch screens the entire sceene looks impresive.



The new feature with these modules is bezel management. You can choose will the picture be hidden behind the bezel, or will it continue from one screen to the other, without pixel loss.




With DVI, the picture looks crisper, and high resolutions look much better, when compared with theolder analogue DSUB-15 model.


F you think three screens is too much, than Matrox is offering you DaulHead2Go. Due to the DVI dual link interface, there is also no quality loss.


CAD/CAM users will love these devices, because it allows them to buy two or three smaller screens, than one big 30 inch screen.





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