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OCZ's mind gaming, shoots 30 percents faster

by on15 March 2007

CEBIT 2007: Move your character with your mind

OCZ actually has some working prototypes of the new gaming concept. It is difficult to explain it but it goes something like this: you put a sensor on your head and control the mouse movement with your face mimics or head gestures.

It took me five minutes to adjust and I was playing. I was aiming by using my mind to move the mouse. It is Uber cool. It works but it is a prototype.



The final unit should be wireless and should have a software that will let you adjust your mind to a gaming device. Here is the fun part, even as prototype it works really well and it makes you to shoot 30 percent faster than your mouse opponent.

It came out of the military and it is very well developed, it should ship by the end of the year and it will sell for sub $300. It can change the face of gaming, at least the mimics of it.



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