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AMD X2300 already available

by on05 March 2007

DirectX 9 part only


AMD has already made its X2300 products available, but this time for mobile computers only. It even speaks about it on its web page. ATI was traditionally king of messing up the product name and it looks like AMD inherited the same troubles.

Mobility Radeon X2300 is a four pixel Shader processor that supports DirectX 9.0c only. This is nothing more than mobile version of X1300 but we are still puzzled how ATI got to the X2300 name.

Last year it already made things complicated as it introduced Mobility Radeon X1400 and this product was identical to X1300 but had 256 instead of 128 MB memory.

The new mobile chip has 105 million transistors and is a 90 nanometre part. It has two vertex Shader processors and supports 128 bit DDR1, 2 or GDDR3 memory.

We wonder what happens when ATI releases R600 and RV6x0 derivates where Radeon X2xxx is suppose to mean DirectX 10 support. It won't be pretty that’s for sure.

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