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RV630 is already taped out

by on02 March 2007

The samples are real

ATI's 65
nanometre marchitecture is readier than most of you would expect.  ATI mess up with R520 and now with R600 but it seems that RV630 is really on the schedule. The sample cards are out and they run as we speak. For the ones who don’t know RV630 is ATI's first 65 nanometre chip.

Well, you can not actually buy them but RV630 is out of the lab for a while.  Some special partners can get the hold of them and play to figurate out the production of this mainstream DirectX 10 part.

Production of these cards probably named Radeon X2600 xx is scheduled for April with a massive availability in May.  We still don’t know who wins DirectX 10 mainstream game G84 or RV630 but we know that RV630 is smaller and probably cooler.

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