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G86 / G84 to stay AGP-less

by on01 March 2007

Sources confirmed

VR-Zone broke the news that G86 won't have the AGP version after all. You can find their story here. We checked with a few of our contacts and it seems they are right. We got the different information's before as at least few Far East partners have G86 AGP on their roadmaps, scheduled for April.

It still doesn’t make much sense as DAAMIT plans to have DirectX 10 parts working on an AGP slots. It is still a huge market. Our industry sources confirmed that G86 is simply not compatible with a HSI interconnection, bridge chip and that it simply cannot work.

We will try to get to the bottom of it but I hope that Nvidia won't fail its AGP market as they deserve an  AGP part. Maybe Graphzilla decided to move on and say the AGP final goodbye but we simply don’t buy it as this would also mean waiving to the profits as well. For the time being Nvidia wont have any AGP based DirectX 10 parts.




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