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GeCube X1950XT goes to AGP

by on27 February 2007


AGP is still not dead 

Punk's not dead and AGP still lives. Gecube has announced X1950XT AGP card based on 90nm R580+ GPU with 48 pixel Shaders. The card has 256MB of 256-bit GDDR3 memory but the clocks haven't been released. The GPU works at 648MHz and it has a chance to be the fastest ATI's AGP based card on market.

The card is cooled by Gecubes exclusive X-Turbo Termo Electric Cooler. Gecube also sells X1950Pro PCIe card, based on 80nm RV570 GPU with the same cooler. After the success of PCIe card the company decided to present yet another card with TEC cooling, the X1950XT AGP.

TEC stands for Termo Electric Cooler and is based on Peltier effect. Peltier cooler is a solid-state heat pump that uses electrical energy to create a transfer of temperature between two different types of materials, in this case GPU and a heatsink. Heatsink is connected to the base of heatsink by four heat pipes. Two of them are reserved for TEC while other two are reserved for standard air cooling. 

You will be able to overclock the card with ATI's Overdrive control panel, and as Gecube says it will be possible to set GPU speeds over 675MHz. This will be enough to beat the referent clocks of X1950XTX.

ATI's fastest Radeon X1950XTX works at 650MHz. Memory clock haven't been announced but we believe that it should settle at 1400MHz. We believe that the card is powered with 1.2ns Samsung memory that we already seen on X1950Pro PCIe version of the card. We will probably see the card at Cebit.

More information at GeCube.

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