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HIS introduced renamed X300/X550

by on27 February 2007


Radeon X1050 good enough for Vista

ATI decided to play with the market again and has renamed an old product in order to reintroduce it and offer it to market again. That’s how Radeon X1050 was born, this card is nothing else then X300 with mussled up clocks card with better name. X300 was renamed later to X550 and this card was nothing more than X300 with a higher clock.

HIS introduced one of these cards. HIS X1050 cards will work at 400MHz core speed with 500MHz memory. Card comes with 256MB of 128bit GDDR2 memory and is completely passively cooled. With Hyper memory technology this card will be able to address up to 512MB memory. Of course this extra memory will be stolen from your systems memory.



Samples are expected very soon and the card itself will be in stores around Cebit, meaning mid March time. The card comes with drivers for Vista OS and uses PCIe 16x interface. The price is still a mystery but it should be anywhere between €50 and €60 if not even less. The best news is that the card will be capable of running the sexy Vista Aero Glass interface. 

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