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Cooler Master's new V6 GT Cooler

by on08 March 2010

Cebit 2010: Dual fan and 6 heatpipes

At first glance Cooler Master's V6 GT looks just as an old school cooler with two 120mm fans for better performance, but actually it is a brand new design and it will be available in late May.


It can be used with socket 1156, 1366, 775, AM2, AMD2+ and AM3 processors. A large Cooler Master logo on the top of the cooler serves as a button to change the color of the LED lamps in the heatsink. The heatsink itself measures 130x61x149mm, it has 6 heat pipes and a nickel-plated copper base.  


The fans are rated at a maximum of 2200rpm, minimum at 600rpm and they have 4-pin connector and PWM Control. Max air flow is 111.2 CFM.


We had an opportunity to hear them working: at max speed they produce noise up to 30dBA, which is really loud, but at min speed there are almost inaudible (13dBA). Fan scan can be easily changed and they are outfitted with the anti vibrations rubber. V6 GT is meant for high end CPUs and overclocking, so we assume the price will be about 60 euro.

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