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Nvidia believes in small chips

by on07 August 2009


Ultra low power

Nvidia CEO
Jensen Huang believes in two strategies for his company. One is that central processing is going to transform into co-processing, something that we’ve just mentioned here, and the second part of the strategy is that Nvidia wants to compete with ultra-low power chips that it plans to put inside of many multimedia internet devices and mobile phones. 

Jensen describes Tegra-like devices as extremely small and low-power computing devices and this is the part of the strategy that his company wants to pursue in the years to come. Naturally, graphics and GPU remains an important part of the computing in the future and Nvidia’s strategy and Nvidia will continue to fight for the GPU performance crown.

We’ve seen what Tegra can do and we know that Microsoft is using it for its upcoming Zune HD multimedia player. Even Jensen didn’t talk about that, as he is not in a position to comment such a deal, until Microsoft confirms it.

We are simply going to see more products based on Tegra and Tegra 2 processors, and we expect to see many design wins in 2010 and beyond. Tegra 2 is almost close to being finished and naturally you can expect new chips will be even more power efficient and bring more functionality. Tegra is going to find its place in netbooks / multimedia internet devices as well as in mobile devices. 

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