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Art Studios show off EFI-X V2.0

by on08 June 2009


Computex 09: PCI Express card coming this year

Art Studios, the company behind the EFI-X, small USB EFI module that allows you to boot OSX on your PC with less hassle that some of the software EFI solutions launched a USB 2.0 version of its EFI-X USB BPU as they call it.

The new EFI-X V2.0 USB module should allow for faster boot speeds and it's also meant to be offering overall performance enhancements. Apart from this, it works the same way as the older EFI-X modules, although the colour has now been changed from black to white and it's been given a blue LED as well.

What's even more interesting is that Art Studio's are working on a PCI Express card called EFI-X Pro which will be a bootable card that circumvents the motherboard BIOS all together. We don't have any pictures of this card as yet, but it should become available later this year.


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