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Averlogic shows off HDMI streaming over powerlines

by on08 June 2009


Computex 09: Impressive technology

Averlogic might not be a company that you've heard of before, but they were demoing some really cool technology at Computex, at least for those that are in need of getting an HDMI signal further than 10-15 meters.

The setup consists of two fairly small boxes and it's worth noting that the setups weren't of retail products, as Averlogic doesn't sell direct to consumers, so the technology will end up being sold under other brands. The main box goes next to all your HDMI equipped gear and it features three HDMI inputs and one output, so it can also be used as an HDMI switch. It also has one component video and one composite video input. The other box is smaller and it goes in the location where you want to receive the HDMI signal, say for example in your bedroom upstairs and it has an HDMI output as well as component and composite video.

Averlogic can then stream the full HDMI signal, with the HDCP encryption intact, overt the power lines in your house. It's also possible to stream over Ethernet, as both boxes have a built in Ethernet port. The main box also have three IR blasters that allows you to control three devices from the remote location, similar to many wireless TV senders. The setup will stream video of a resolution of up to 1920x1080 in either 60i or 24p alongside 5.1-channel AC3 audio. The streaming boxes are compatible with HomePlug-AV and HD-PLC. It's also possible to stream to two receivers at once.

The transmitter

The receiver
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