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Cool it makes a $79 water cooler

by on13 January 2009


Radiator, pump and all in one block


CoolIT finally released a water cooler that can beat any air cooler with performance and price. CoolIT just showed us its Domino ALC cooler that has a water block attached to a radiator and a pump that can remove around 200W. Some time ago we reviewed a similar product, Asetek's Low Cost Liquid Cooler, but CoolIT's unit ships with a nice LED display and alarm system.

The LED shows you CPU temperature, fan speed of the radiator fan and pump rpm. In the tested rig the CPU runs at 83 Fahrenheit, and fan speed was 1410 RPM, while pump rotated 30006 times a minute. The system was quiet, although we have to note that we were in a rather noisy environment, but we expect one in our lab shortly.

One on the most shocking things was the retail us price of $79 for the whole kit, where you get the radiator with CoolIt developed fan, the pump and the water block all factory sealed. You will get mounting mechanism for Core i7 socket 1366, Core 2 socket 775 CPUs and socket AM2. The only thing you won’t get is the back plate for AM2, as this usually comes with the motherboard and in case you don’t get it you can order it from Coolit and they will send one to you.

Just for comparison, the highest end Zalman cooler named ZALMAN CNPS9700 LED 110mm 2 Ball CPU Cooler also costs $79, but at press time, you'll get away with a slight discount and pay $66.

We can definitely say that the new era of computer coolers has begun, especially with these prices. We wouldn’t be surprised to see LCLC from Asetek in retail shortly as well.




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