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LightScribe to DVD+DL media

by on12 January 2009


Verbatim delivers what we are waiting for

Options in blank LightScribe media just got a little bigger, with the announcement that Verbatim is starting to ship the first 8X DVD+R Dual Layer Light Scribe certified compatible blank media.

One of the continued knocks against LightScribe media has been the somewhat limited selection of different types of compatible blank media. Perhaps the biggest oversight has been the lack of any dual layer media that was LightScribe compatible.

While the Verbatim announcement makes DVD+R DL LightScribe media available, we suspect that this will open the door for other manufacturers to once again look at the possibility of brining DVD+R DL LightScribe blank media out.

According to Verbatim, the 8X DVD+R DL LightScribe blank media will start shipping right away and will be available packed in 10-disc spindles with a suggested retail price of $20 (€15/£13). While the price of standard 8X DVD+R DL media that is not LightScribe compatible will continue to be available at prices much less than this offering from Verbatim, it is understood that buyers will be paying a premium to be able to get blank LightScribe compatible media that is dual-layer.

While the pros and cons continue to be debated about the true usefulness of the LightScribe technology, a good majority of the DVD writers that are available today offer it as part of their standard feature set. Of course, while the LightScribe labeling technology allows the user to create some nice looking designs, the time that it takes for the LightScribe labeling and lack of variety in LightScribe media at reasonable prices has made many users uninterested in using the technology even in if their drive supports it.

Last modified on 12 January 2009
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