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A couple of strange devices from CES

by on10 January 2009


CES 2009: The tradition continues


We’re no strangers to just plain silly devices showing up on trade shows, as we’ve seen a fair share so far, and this year’s CES shows that it’s no exception. Although we maybe should have waited until the whole show is over, we just couldn’t hold back our admiration towards companies bold enough to launch products like these.

The first product of such kind is Cell-Mate Hands-Free Cellphone holder that, although touted by the company as a solution superior to Bluetooth headsets, is nothing but a glorified clamp that clamps your cell-phone to your head. For some reason, we doubt that the models smiling in the pictures will still be smiling after a couple of hours of this “clamping goodness”, not to mention that just duct-taping a cellphone to your head qualifies as a much cheaper and equally ridiculous solution. Well, see for yourself.


Next up is the FyreTV wireless porn streaming solution that we found a bit weird, mostly due to the fact that porn seems to drive technology forward quite often lately. Just remember porn companies’ format support. After a $9.95 subscription, this device will enable DVD quality port streaming from anywhere within your house, and it’s compact enough to be carried around. Furthermore, the company will introduce HD quality in about two months, which will also be supported by this device.

The last one is the ceiling fan with a speaker, which after some thought doesn’t seem so ridiculous after all. Quite the contrary as this thing is a looker and can sync the sound with other such lamps. The two downsides to it is that it’s mono and that it will cost a hefty $449 when it launches in June.

You can view photos of and some additional thoughts on these devices here.

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